Red Brook Health Organizes 21-day Fitness Challenge

BALTIMORE – Various studies point to the average weight gain of five to ten pounds between the holiday season of Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, due to the presence of cookies at every turn, celebratory luncheons and dinners, the increased consumption of alcohol combined with less time to exercise due to a hectic schedule. But Red Brook Health and Wellness Center is aiming to combat this situation and encourage its members to actually lose weight during this period, with its 21-day Holiday Fitness Challenge that runs November 30 through December 22.

“Distractions are everywhere, and this is the time of year when people tend to lose their focus and take a break from their year-long routine of exercise and proper eating because all of the food around them proves too enticing,” explained Nick Shultz, Executive Director of Red Brook Health & Wellness Center. “It is OK to cheat just a bit, but to help avoid a massive step backwards, we devised this fitness challenge to create peer pressure and a group environment to encourage proper eating and exercise practices.”

Teams are broken down into groups of fours, with a majority formed from Red Brook’s roster of corporate members, many of which who subsidize the cost of the health club membership to encourage regular employee use. Points are awarded for completing cardiovascular exercises, strength training and group exercise work-outs. Participants are not required to perform all of their exercise routines at the Red Brook facility, as credit is also given for home-based workouts.

“One of our goals is to keep our members accountable during the holiday season,” Shultz added and “the introduction of team-oriented goals adds positive group encouragement to this competition,” he added. “With New Year’s resolutions just around the corner, we want to place our members in a good position to start the year and ahead of the curve. This friendly group atmosphere also pushes people a bit more, as everyone becomes competitive to win the challenge.” Read More